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Why is your home’s air quality important?

Indoor air quality has been a topic of conversation since the 80s and 90s. Following the energy crisis of the 1970s, “tight” homes became incredibly popular. These homes were highly insulated and reduced energy costs. 

However, these “tight” homes led to the build-up of excessive moisture. Homes became good environments for mold and bacteria growth by trapping humidity and airborne pollutants. Even newer and more energy-efficient homes are predisposed to indoor air quality issues. 

Poor indoor air quality inflames allergies and can increase sickness within the household.

Know the enemy: Mold

Mold is a particular problem because it doesn’t need much to replicate. It can multiply trillions of times in less than three weeks. Mold produces spores, volatile organic compounds, and other dangerous pollutants. 


Unfortunately, the guts of your ductwork and air conditioning system is an especially good environment for mold growth. Your AC’s drain pan is a common offender. It’s dark, damp, and full of particulates that mold can feed on. It becomes a problem when your air conditioning system blows air (filled with mold particles) through your home. 


The World Health Organization attributes 60% of indoor air quality problems and allergies to mold. Blowing the bacteria that rests on your air conditioning coils and drain pans through your home can contribute to allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. 


Mold growth also presents maintenance hurdles. Dirty coils reduce airflow. Mold accumulation on drain pans and other components of the air conditioning system can reduce energy efficiency.


ac repair near me

UVC Technology Saves the Day

Ultraviolet (U.V.) germicidal lights are the solution to mold and bacteria growth within your home’s HVAC system. For over 65 years, UVC technology has been used to cleanse spaces like laboratories, hospitals, and barber shops. 

The effectiveness of UVC technology has been independently shown to purify heating and cooling systems. The energy produced through these ultraviolet lights attacks the DNA of the microorganisms,  killing the organism or restricting it from reproducing. 

Installing UVC lights is a highly effective way to cleanse the spaces in your home and promote the purity of your home’s  indoor air quality. An unintended benefit of UVC technology is the elimination of hidden odors. Breathe fresh and clean air with Southern Air’s U.V. systems.

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