How to Save on Your AC Costs

If you would like to save AC Costs on your home energy bill, what do you do? There are many ways to lower the cost of cooling your home: from closing curtains and blinds to keeping doors closed while cooking hot food on hot days. We know that it gets hot here in Palatka, FL, and that electricity is expensive. So let’s get started…

Use a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat is an extraordinarily effective way to save money on your air conditioner. It allows you to set the temperature at different times of day, automatically changing the temperature accordingly. This is especially helpful during extreme weather events like heat waves or cold snaps, which can cause massive fluctuations in electricity usage due to people being unable to adjust their living habits quickly enough for comfort reasons.

Upgrade to a smart thermostat.

If you have a smart thermostat installed in your home, you can program it to adjust the temperature automatically when needed. If there are too many warm days in a row or cold nights, get an alert on your phone, computer, or another device when it’s time for another cool-down.

This will allow for much more energy efficiency in two ways: First, by keeping your house cooler or warmer when no one is home (or sleeping), which means less electricity needs to be used overall. Secondly, turning off early enough so everyone wakes up comfortably rested instead of sweaty from staying too hot while they sleep. If your thermostat stops working, you can trust our professional service techs to be there for you.

Close the curtains and blinds.

The following way to keep your home cooler is to close the curtains and blinds. This will not only keep the sun out of your home but also help keep the heat from coming in through the windows. If you’re not worried about keeping light out of your living room because it’s daytime, consider using blackout curtains or blinds so that you can use all of those windows to let nature cool down your house!

In wintertime, closing curtains and blinds are just as important – they can help keep cold air from getting into your home while still allowing some sunlight in through doors/windows if needed.

Circulate air with fans.

If you’re not already a huge supporter of the box fan, now is an excellent time to become one. Use your box fan and ceiling fans to circulate air throughout your home. If you’re using fans because your air conditioner isn’t keeping up, visit our contact page here to set up a service call where our professional service techs can get you back to being cool.

Let in natural air.

The best way to keep your house cool during the long, hot summer months is to let the air in. Open your windows after sunset and close them during the day, allowing cooler air to circulate through your home. Use a fan to help distribute that cool air around more quickly if you want. 

Check your filters once a month and replace them when necessary.

It’s easy to forget to check your air filters, but they’re a big part of your AC unit’s functioning ability.

  • How to check them: Look at the filter and see if it looks dirty or clogged. If so, replace the filter with a new one.
  • When to change them: You should change them once every month (or more frequently if you have pets).
  • How to change them: Remove the old one and put in a new one, just make sure you purchase filters that fit your HVAC system perfectly for optimal performance and safety.

You should also consider joining our comfort club. With all the benefits, you will be sure to stay cool this summer.

Turn off exhaust fans when not needed.

You may think that exhaust fans are meant to cool the house, but they are supposed to remove hot air from the home. So, if you’re not using a fan in your kitchen or bathroom, you shouldn’t use it in any other room. If you want to use exhaust fans in certain rooms (like a bedroom), turn them off when they aren’t needed.

Don’t heat the house by cooking on hot days.

It’s already hot in Palatka, FL, and cooking in your home on hot days can raise your home’s temperature, making it harder for your air conditioner to cool down. If you plan to cook inside, try not to do so during the hottest part of the day. Instead, use a microwave or slow cooker to prepare food without heating your kitchen. Alternatively, consider grilling outside if possible and safe for you and your family!


Now that you have learned how to save on your AC costs, you can take action and make a difference in your energy bills. We hope these tips have inspired you to try some new things or tweak your current routine to benefit you and the environment! If any questions have come up from reading this article, be sure to visit our website.


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