The Best Ways to Keep your AC Cool this Summer

A properly working air conditioner is vital when the summer heat strikes. Your air conditioner is the only thing standing between you living in a nice cool home and trying to survive in a hot box. But don’t forget about your electric bill. If your air conditioner is not running at peak performance, you may be paying a small fortune trying to keep your home cool. This is why you need to work with a licensed HVAC repair contractor to help ensure that your air conditioner is working at peak performance.

Clean filters

The first thing that any homeowner should check, and one of the easiest ways to help your air conditioner continue to work at peak performance, and maintain indoor air quality, is to keep clean air filters in your HVAC system.

This will require you to check your filters regularly and change them as necessary. Depending on your home’s environment and the filters’ filtration level, they may need to be changed once every month or every three months.

Clean coils

Once you have set up a service call, a professional service technician will be on their way to clean and service your system. One of the most important things they will do is check the coils’ cleanliness.

Your coils are one of the main components of your air conditioner system; it will use them to cool the air distributed through your home.

Your indoor coil is the component that cools the air, and it is vitally important that it is clean. If it has developed excessive buildup, your HVAC system will not have proper airflow, and your home will not cool as it should.

You will also need to ensure that your outdoor unit has a clean coil. The outdoor unit coil’s job is to release the heat outside your home. If your outdoor coil has become excessively clogged and the heat cannot be removed, your system will have more difficulty cooling your house down.


The fins are the thin vertical aluminum pieces that make up most of your coil. These need to be kept straight and without damage. If the fins become bent over, they will begin to restrict airflow, limiting it and causing your HVAC system to struggle to keep up.

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is easy to maintain and should always be kept clean. You will want to ensure that the bottom of the inside of the outdoor unit is kept free of debris and that it can drain any water that gets into the unit. You will want to ensure no overbearing plant life is around the unit, restricting its airflow. This applies to bushes, trees, vines, and other growth that can cover the outdoor unit and cause the unit to struggle to pull air through the coil.

You will also want to watch for physical barriers restricting airflow, such as the outdoor unit being installed too close to your home’s walls or other units.

Schedule heating and air maintenance

The most important thing you can do to ensure that you are keeping a well-maintained and adequately performing HVAC system is to have a professional heating and air conditioning company perform routine maintenance. If you live in the Crescent City, FL area, then contacting a professional before your system breaks down will keep your air conditioner running at peak performance.

During one of our scheduled HVAC system maintenance, the technician will ensure that your system is cleaned and maintains a proper level of airflow. This will include inspecting your air filters and coils. The technician will check your refrigerant levels, ensuring that they are at an appropriate level and do not need to be adjusted. They will also perform a visual inspection of the units and ductwork to ensure no other issues will need to be addressed.


It is vital that you maintain the cleanliness and airflow of your heating and air system. This will help ensure that your heating and air conditioning unit always performs at peak levels. The Hastings, FL area is known for its heat, when you require maintenance on your heating and air conditioning equipment, then call us, your trusted professionals at


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